• Jet Spouted Bed

    Jet Spouted Bed from deila taylor on Vimeo.

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  • IMG 1041


    Taylor Energy manages a group of skilled employees and subcontractors to perform on-site and off-site fabrication work. Typically, we employ specialists with experience in construction methods associated with thermal processing.  For example, precision welding of carbon steel and stainless steel alloys is one of the […]

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  • IMG 1105 E1465410633854


    We are looking at the bottom section of the Taylor Energy gasification reactor. A Pulse-Deflagration-Burner, provided by Pulse Combustion Systems (PCS of Payson, Arizona,) is attached to the bottom of the gasifier and is used to input hot-air (or oxygen-enriched air) that is employed for […]

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  • IMG 7542


    The image below shows the feeding-section of our gasification reactor being hoisted into place by All Star Crane Company of Riverside, CA. The gasifier spool-sections were bolted together on the ground in groups of three or four sections, so the crane could easily lift the […]

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  • IMG 0710 1

    Burning out the refractory mold

    Taylor Energy is managing the design and construction of an integrated Gasification/Reforming system used to convert biomass and other carbon resources into synthesis gases. The system is constructed employing an outer steel shells with two internal layers of refractory lining; one that provides insulation, and […]

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  • Garbage On Fire

    Mother Earth Needs Our Help

    Modern engineered landfills are ok, environmentally speaking. On the other hand, burying MSW in any landfill is a huge waste of energy. For example, 1-ton of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) contains the same amount of energy in 2-barrels of oil. Third-world landfills are a nightmare […]

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  • P1 Agua

    EISG Grant Award — Syngas Process Development

    In May 2015, Taylor Energy was awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission under their EISG Program.  The project title is “Syngas Process Development for Renewable-Methane Production.” The EISG Statement-of-Work focuses on proof-of-concept testing of a novel steam-hydrogasification method; whereas, the CEC program, PON-14-303, (discussed […]

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  • Ceram

    Fischer-Tropsch Alliance

    Taylor Energy has formed a business alliance with two companies with key technology needed to demonstrate a novel low-cost path to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of liquid fuels. Novel XTL Process — Executive Summary XTL is the naming convention that refers to making liquids through the Fischer-Tropsch […]

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  • IMG 3419 E1431099524747

    California Energy Commission Grant Award

    Taylor Energy has been awarded a grant from the California Energy Commission to develop low-cost waste gasification technology.  The technology developed by Taylor Energy will be accomplished at the University of California Riverside CE-CERT facility. The key technology advancement by Taylor Energy will utilize a […]

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  • Gtl

    Compact XTL (waste-to-liquids)

    During the past 3-years there has been a revolution in synthetic fuels production that matches MSW resources with Compact-GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) technology. now enabling fuels production using societal waste resources.  Here is the key point: World-scale GTL plants produce 140,000 barrels per day  &  require the […]

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