Mother Earth Needs Our Help

Garbage On Fire

Mother Earth Needs Our Help

Modern engineered landfills are ok, environmentally speaking. On the other hand, burying MSW in any landfill is a huge waste of energy. For example, 1-ton of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) contains the same amount of energy in 2-barrels of oil.

Third-world landfills are a nightmare for Mother Earth. We should certainly minimize the disposal of garbage in landfill burial sites, and use this sustainable energy resource (MSW) to produce ultra-clean transportation fuels.

That is what we do at Taylor Energy – develop technology to convert garbage into clean fuels, particularly including renewable jet-fuel. After 25-years of Research & Development, we know what to do — now we need to execute: 1st-pilot-scale & demonstration-scale, then commercial deployment. Community-scale projects that convert 100-tons/day of garbage into 100-bbl/day of ultra-clean transportation fuel, including Jet-A; that’s our target.

With regard to GHGs, 85% reduction in GHGs’ results from the use of transportation fuels made from Municipal Solid Waste, which is about the highest of any feedstock available; certainly much higher compared to purpose-grown biomass, for example.