Clients & Grants

Development, Demonstration and Deployment of Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Biomass-to-Energy Systems for the Forest and Food Waste Sectors  March 24, 2017

AIR PRODUCTS — Team member selected to evaluate technical problems associated with the MSW gasification system at the Tees Valley Waste-to-Energy plant, which was ultimately shut-down due to fundamental design issues. Air Products unfortunately took a $900-million loss on the project. 2016

CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION — NOTICE OF PROPOSED AWARDS (NOPA) Advancing Cleaner, Less Costly, More Reliable Distributed Generation to Enable Customer Solutions and Zero-Net Energy Communities PON–14-303  January 23, 2015

CALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Energy Innovations Small Grant Program — Notice of award grant 58204A/14-17G “Syngas Process Development for Renewable-Methane Production” May 13, 2015

Power Waste Gasification (San Diego, California)
Gasification system analysis, completed: Aug. 23, 2014 video:  

Kobelco Eco-solutions Co. LTD. (Kobe, Japan)
Waste-to-energy market analysis in the United States, 2013

National Oilwell Varco (NOV) (Maui, Hawaii)
Technical and economic evaluation of waste to liquids project performance at 900 ton per day MSW input scale, 2011

Pulehu Energy Company (Maui, Hawaii)
Preliminary design for 600 ton/day MSW-to-MeOH plant intended for Maui, Hawaii, 2011

Kiverdi, Inc. (LIvermoore, California)
Joint proposal using gasification integrated with microbial process for converting residual asphaltenes from oil sands into carbon molecules, 2011

West BioFuels, UCDavis  (Woodland, CA)
Design, construction, and preliminary start-up of a 5 ton/day dual-fluid-bed pilot-plant demonstrating biomass gasification for production of biofuels and fuel-gases, based on Dr. Kunii’s PYROX method, 2006-2010

California Energy Commission
PIER Subject Area: Renewable Energy Technologies Biomass-to-Syngas — Biomass-to-Syngas, Novel Low-Cost Counter-Current Process — designed, patented and managed construction. Term: April 1, 2004 – March 31, 2005
Western Research (WRI)/DOE (Laramie, Wyoming)

EISG co-funded design, development, and demonstration of a novel fluid-bed gasification method intended for conversion of carbonaceous feeds into synthesis gas and/or hydrogen.  This project enabled Taylor to design and manage the construction of novel fluid-bed technology, 2006
EERE Department of Energy,  On-Farm Small Scale Waste Energy Demonstration  2006

CR&R Waste Recycling Services (Stanton, California)
Implemented AB 939 mandate, recycling 2000 t/d MSW; systems included conveying, grinding, trommeling, disk screening, pneumatic separations, and design of air emission control technology using very large-scale biofiltration. Designed thermal-chemical system for conversion of biomass-to-hydrogen in conjunction with Bechtel Technology.

Proler Environmental (Houston, Texas)
Designed, built, and operated the Proler Syngas Process at 50 ton/day scale.  Integrated TRW’s oxygen-fired cyclonic combustion technology with proler’s Tumbling Bed POX Reactor, resulting in gasification of MSW and vitrification of carbonaceous ash. 1995

Southern California Edison, Research Department (Rosemead, CA)
Evaluation of MSW gasification options and identification of qualified firms for performance of an MSW gasification project, using fuel-gas to generate electricity using two-stroke train engines (dual-fuel EMD Diesel engines) with novel emissions control.

Gas Technology Institute (Chicago, Illinois)
Evaluation of coal gasification technologies for production of methane from syngas.

Western Waste Industries/Environmental Solutions (Los Angeles, California)
Strategic planning for energy recovery, waste conversion, and waste utilization projects for the El Sobrante Landfill (Corona, CA) expansion to 100 MM ton capacity.  Planned energy utilization projects, including power generation and LNG production.

Air Products and Chemicals, GSF Division (Fountain Valley, CA)
Project development, site selection, systems evaluation, and environmental planning for a 15,000 gpd LNG project, integrated with 10 MWe electric power using medium BTU landfill gas as the fuel and methane source.

Hugo Neu/Proler Company Retained to assist in the project design and permitting activities relative to the use of auto shredder residue (ASR) as a fuel for cement kilns and in a fluidized boiler owned by Calmot in Colton, CA.

The Federal Reserve Bank Retained to select an incineration system to destroy federal currnecy, which was contained with low levels lead and PCB’s.

Adlen Group Enterprises Designed, permitted, and installed a landfill gas collection system for the Tuxford Pit. Supervised the construction of a pipeline to Pacific Lighting’s Penrose Power Plant to deliver LFG. Negotiated and executed a long-term LFG Sales agreement with Pacific Enterprises, holding company of SOCAL Gas.

BOC/Airco, Industrial Division Developed and marketed a method for converting drop forges from steam-power to pressurized nitrogen (LN2) power, resulting in energy savings by curtailing continuous natural gas consumption for high-pressure boiler operation, substituting a fixed nitrogen gas cost on a per/hit basis.