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  • Gtl

    Compact XTL (waste-to-liquids)

    During the past 3-years there has been a revolution in synthetic fuels production that matches MSW resources with Compact-GTL (Gas-to-Liquids) technology. now enabling fuels production using societal waste resources.  Here is the key point: World-scale GTL plants produce 140,000 barrels per day  &  require the […]

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  • Sorghum

    MSW: an Opportunity Feedstock

    I started out life as a purpose-grown biomass guy.  My father did all the original breeding work in Hawaii to increase the cane sugar content from 12% to 18%.  In California, where I was raised, he did all the breeding work on stone fruit (peaches, […]

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  • DSC 6504 11

    R&D Projects

    As Principal Investigator, Taylor has completed 6 gasification R&D projects. Company Technology Type Capacity Completed TAYLOR ENERGY Bubbling Fluid Bed Air, Direct 2.5 dry ton/day 1987 EER  Jet Spouted Bed H2O-O2-CH4 20 dry ton/day 1993 PROLER Rotary Retort, Slagging O2-CH4, direct 50 dry ton/day 1997 […]

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  • Sc00b18496


    Taylor has experience in design and construction of the first Bio Filter, installed at the CR&R Materials Recycling Facility in Stanton, California. Through this process, exhaust particulate is further filtered, meeting the very strictest guidelines established by the California Air Quality Management District.    

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