Dual Bed Gasification

The Process Development Unit (PDU) was designed and constructed by Taylor Energy
for the University of California and West Biofuels. This Fluid-Bed technology was used to
convert RDF & biomass feedstocks into clean syngas used to generate electricity.

Fluidized-Bed gasification of RDF is a well established technology and is available for
commercial production of electricity. We believe in sustainable energy sources,
including green-waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Agricultural Residues.

For the University of California gasification project, Taylor Energy selected the R&D site in

Woodland, prepared the project-plan, selected the fluid-bed technology, sized and
selected the equipment, managed the fabrication of custom hardware, permitted
the test facility, and performed the preliminary start-up activities.
Fluid-bed technology offers a simple means for large-scale MSW gasification; the
clean syngas product is to generate electricity.